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Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly, responsive. It automatically adjusts itself on mobile devices.


Admin-panel Interface

Manage, update and edit products, orders, customers, content and more.


Offers, Coupons

The store owner can add various Offers, Discounts, Coupons.


Unlimited Products

The store owner can add unlimited products, and details about them.


Automatic SEO

Integrated powerful search engine optimization features right into your online store.


Product Social Sharing

Share on various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+.


Why your business needs e-commerce portal?

Internet gives you the ability to increase new and repeat business by strategically and continuously re-engaging prospective customers. This opportunity doesn't exist for businesses strictly running a physical storefront.
Every store has certain promotions and are always looking for ways to spread the word about their newest deals. Your eCommerce store is another avenue to market your special promotions. These promotions are also a great way to execute on the first point of this post, collecting email addresses. Visitors to either one of your stores (online and offline) should be exposed to these promotions so they can take advantage of them.
A large factor in a physical store's success derives from location. If you’re not in a good one the visibility of the store is lessened. Potential customers who haven’t driven past your stores or heard about your from someone else, have the ability to find you online.
If you only have one way people can shop for your products you’re missing out on the percentage of shoppers who prefer to (and sometimes are only willing to) shop the alternate way. Many people like to shop online to avoid traveling time and traffic while enjoying the comfort of their own home. Shopping online also gives them the ability to shop when they want; including times that your store is closed. Remember, your eCommerce store is ALWAYS open. Regardless of an individual's reasons, more and more people are turning online to get shopping done.

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