User Friendly Design.

Your Store includes an out-of-the-box theme so you can welcome customers the moment you set up. Your Store design include vibrant colors. Welcome visitors from anywhere at anytime with a mobile-optimized site. Our template displays beautifully across all screens, from desktop computers to smartphones to tablet devices.

Many businesses make the mistake of neglecting usability. Usability is critical for the success of any website and should never be overlooked. Good usability can improve the performance of your website and increase your chances of success. It can also boost sales and revenue for your business.

For your website to successful, it should not only look good but also provide a seamless user experience for visitors. This is why good usability is important. It will set your website apart from your competition.

In web design, good website usability is about making it easy for visitors to find the information they need quickly and easily.

  1. Mobile Compatibility :
    As more and more people use their mobile phones to access the Internet, creating a mobile optimized website has become a necessity.
  2. Accessible to All Users :
    A user-friendly website should also be accessible to everyone including blind, disabled or the elderly. These users typically use screen-readers to access the Internet.
  3. Well Planned Information Architecture :
    How information is organised and presented on your website is vital for good usability. However, it is often neglected. It has become even more important today as websites offer a wide range of information and resources to attract their target market. This is particularly important if you offer a lot of content on your company’s website.
  4. Well-Formatted Content That Is Easy to Scan :
    The average Internet user skims through the content on a web page instead of reading each and every word from top to down. Users tend to scan through key parts of the page quickly to determine if it is relevant to their needs.
  5. Fast Loading Time :
    Nothing is more annoying for website visitors than a website that takes long to load. In fact, slow speed is one of the main reasons why visitors leave a website. Making sure your website loads within 4 to 6 seconds is important for good usability. It also affects your search engine ranking.

Powerful built-in features to help you sell more

Attractive Promotional Banners

Highlight sales, marketing campaigns and other promotions with customizable banners for each of your pages.

Powerful Navigation

Offer your customers accessible navigation with customization options and professional design.

Instant Filtered Search

Filter your products by customizable attributes such as price, color, manufacturer and more.