Ecommerce Portal

E-commerce websites are found everywhere in today’s web and remain one of the top ways to enhance consumer interaction. This great feature doesn’t come without problems. Despite the ease of online shopping, e-commerce cart abandonment rates hover around 95-96%. Sometimes customers simply change their minds (we can’t really do anything about that), but more often than not customers are led around in circles by poorly-designed e-commerce websites that confuse and frustrate them.

So what distinguishes a great ecommerce web design from the ones that leave the customer unwilling to buy? We’re sure you’ve experienced a poorly-designed ecommerce website. Just when you think you’re ready to buy, the cart clears spontaneously, or the checkout button doesn’t work. The products lack descriptions and the prices change when you try to buy. Regardless of the industry, when you experience frustrations such as these, you immediately stop buying and find another source of product.

Shopping online is growing rapidly in India and across the world. Many emerging entrepreneurs have started and running e-commerce shops successfully. There are also several solutions for budding e-commerce vendors. Some of these help you get started with selling online within a matter of hours, while others might require months of development. Technological requirements for selling online, hence, is highly dependent of the type of business and the target audience. A solution that suits well for a multi-category e-commerce portal with a big product catalogue will be overkill for a small site with handful of products.

Considerations for E-Commerce sites:

• Search Engine Optimization • Site Management • Marketing Promotions and Tools • International Support • Checkout • Shipping • Payment • Order Management • Customer Relationship Management • Customer Accounts • Catalog Management • Catalog Browsing • Analytics & Reporting • Content Management (CMS) Components • Security

Mobile Apps

Ever since Android has been launched, the world has taken to smart phones. Affordable and convenient, Android smart phones are the new ‘in’ thing. Best Android marketplace is home to millions of great apps – the largest collection of apps in the world.

No wonder, the job of Android web development has become so crucial. With millions of people using Android phones to access the web, you may want to have your own Android website. If you are looking for quality Android web development services, look no further!

Our comprehensive mobile app development services can cater to support your products ranging from web integration to a mobile portal. Our Mobile App team has expertise in developing any requirements to propel your business to the next level by providing pretty much everything your customers would need to see in your mobile app.

At Gmaxmart, we analyse and suggest on what approach should be taken for a specific requirement, whether to go for a native development or a cross-platform or hybrid approach. We also suggest on what platform to hit first, whether it would be iOS or Android or Windows or all of them, depending on the type of application and your target users. This helps our customers in getting to market quickly and budget their investments in areas that would benefit them most. We help by brainstorming on the right approach to going mobile required to see their app succeed and work together as a trusted partner.


In tandem with web design, web development plays a vital role in your business site success. While web design covers the graphics and layout of your site, web development is the core coding that holds your web applications together. Strong web development bolsters your web design so that you have error-free loading pages and a flexible web structure to support an expanding business. Sopan Technologies provides web design and web development rooted in creativity and founded in technical expertise

Portals often start small and grow along with their user base. While a portal has to be fully functional and easy to navigate, it is important to start small with all the core functionalities required to attract and maintain an audience. We help our customers in choosing the right functionalities to start the portal, and help them build a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be implemented and launched at a fraction of the cost of full portal. This helps our customers in optimizing and adapting the portal to the specific needs and wants of their user base.

We have built large scale portals with a wide set of functionalities, and supported our customers as they grew in size. Give us a call if you have got an idea in your head and would like to see it come to reality.

Steps in Website Development Process:

• Understand client’s business & requirements • Determine technology to be used (CMS/Static/Custom development) • Design & offer thematic options • Finalize the look & feel / theme • Content Writing • Website Coding • Testing • Deployment Services • Maintenance & Updates


There are wide variety of applications that can be termed as web applications. We categorize web applications as those using web technologies, like HTML, CSS and Javascript to deliver on-the-go access via wide range of devices.

Sometimes, a business needs its own accounting software. This often happens as the business grows, and the need arise for your own accounting software because there are no commercial accounting programs that meet its needs.

The biggest strength of our payroll software is its flexibility and power to handle any type of salary structure. With extensive configuration settings we guarantee that your requirements will be perfectly addressed!

Our web application development services encompass development of web based applications that give users complete control over their business processes.

• Database interfaces for, both, the user and administrator, so that they can view, add, edit or delete data directly from your web browser, or ODBC compliant application.
• Develop web applications that are fast, secure and scalable.
• Enable users reduce their operational costs, by decreasing the turnaround time for each activity.
• Improves operational productivity and Facilitates brand building by increasing customer satisfaction.

News Portal

News portal is one of the ways to reach the current information and technology news and market trends. Now a day's people use online news portal or website to know the latest updates and news across the globe. It is flexible to read and get the latest news everywhere that you want via online news portal

We provide user-friendly, easy to navigate, fast loading and bespoke news portal development. We offer cutting edge news portal services including news portal design, development, news website, web application and custom development. No matter what is your requirement for news portal, our highly skilled web development team will give you stunning solutions as per your need.

News Portal is an online communication medium for internet users which are read all over the world. Gmaxmart is a Web Development company, provide an appealing and efficient news portal development services.

Our features include:

• News Website andWeb Portal Development • Customize news portal development • Customize News Portal design • IntegratingContent Management System (CMS) • Very good interface • Maintenance and Support • Images and and Video posts • Add/delete/edit features • Multilevel features (Admin, Author, Users and more) • Add/edit/delete advertisement or banner • News highlight • Easy managing administration panel • Latest news update • Polls • SEO features and many more!